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Brand Tennessee Farmers Co-Op 678
SKU 678
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For weaned cattle on pasture and lactating dairy cows.  A high quality mineral that includes a source of chelated, organic trace minerals.  The addition of organic, chelated minerals help to boost the immune levels and immune system response.  The addition of organic minerals has also been proven to enhance conception rates in breeding animals in multiple University trials.  Ideal for times of the year where higher levels of nutrients may be needed such as breeding season, weaning and at calving.  Also contains selenium in the form of selenium yeast which provides a more available form of selenium for the animal.

        minimum        maximum

Calcium          14.00%            16.00%

Phosphorus      4.00%

Salt                22.00%            26.00%

Magnesium       3.00%

Refer to product label for other nutrient amounts and ingredients.

Feed at the rate of 100g (3.53 oz) per head per day to cattle on pasture.  For lactating dairy cattle, feed as not to exceed 0.3ppm selenium in the total diet.  Provide plenty of good quality forage and fresh, clean water continuously.