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Augusta Co-Op's agronomy staff provides high quality services to customers in Virginia and select areas of West Virginia. The primary focus is to provide fertilizer and crop protectant materials to our agricultural producers for the growing of forages and grain crops.


The day-to-day operations of the main Agronomy department in Staunton is managed by Troy Grimm. Troy grew up in Augusta County, VA and had a full-time farm for 17 years. He graduated from Virginia Tech with a degree in Ag Business. Troy has extensive knowledge of the local area and seed, animal health, and agronomy. He is a Certified Crop Advisor (CCA).  Troy joined the co-op in 2008.


Troy is assisted in the operations by Mark Weekley who manages the crop protectant and fertilizer input ingredients.  Mark grew up in Alabama on a beef cattle farm.  He graduated from Mississippi State University with a degree in Animal Science. He joined the co-op in 2003.

The following are the agronomy services that we offer:


            Fertility Recommendations                                      Crop Protectant Applications


            Nutrient Management Planning                               Field Records


            Plant Tissue Testing                                                 Soil Testing


Our crop applicators have invested in the latest training and equipment to provide high quality applications.

Augusta Co-Op also has an application unit to service those customers with smaller sized properties of 10 acres or less.  Augusta Co-Op utilizes the latest in GPS technology and mapping services in the field.  The agronomy department is also assisted by the Field Services department who are the boots on the ground out in the fields to assist with crop planning and fertility recommendations.


There are many elements that go into a successful crop, and seed selection is one of those elements. You can purchase hiqh quality seed from suppliers such as Dekalb, NK Seeds, Croplan and others. Or perhaps, you are looking to improve your current hay and pasture fields.  Augusta Co-Op stocks a variety of forage seeds including alfalfa, clover, orchardgrass, timothy, fescue, small grains and warm season annuals.  We can help you develop a forage program to provide optimal pasture and hay to your livestock.


The Scottsville and Bedford locations also have crop protectant and and fertilizer blending facilities for field applications in their local areas.  These locations work in conjunction with the main agronomy department in Staunton to coordinate customer applications and product needs.

  Agronomy Department  
Name Position Email
Troy Grimm Agronomic Operations Manager - Staunton
Mark Weekley Crop Protectant/Fertilizer Materials - Staunton
Scott Bagley Agronomy Operations - Scottsville location
Mike Williams Agronomy Operations - Bedford location

The agronomy department at Staunton is open 8AM - 5PM Monday - Friday all year long except for major holidays.  Saturday hours at the Staunton agronomy are based on seasonal demand and weather conditions.


Staunton Saturday Hours are:        8AM - 5PM (March - mid summer)

                                                         8AM - 12PM (mid summer thru October 31st)

                                                        *No Saturday hours from November 1st - February 28th


Contact the Scottsville and Bedford locations for more information on their Saturday hours.

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