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Feed Mill Department

Augusta Cooperative Feed Mill bagged feeds custom feeds

Augusta Co-Op's Feed Mill manufactures over 23,000 tons of feed annually at our Staunton location. This central location allows us to service customers up and down the Shenandoah Valley, in the central Virginia area, and select areas of eastern West Virginia. From the largest dairy and beef herds to the smallest backyard farm, your animal's nutritional needs are met with Augusta Co-Op feeds! We provide feed for cattle, sheep, goats, horses, chickens, pigs, llammas, alpacas and even fish in farm ponds.


Augusta Co-Op feeds are available in bags as well as large bulk loads. While our standard Augusta Co-Op feeds meet the needs of most individuals, we also specialize in custom mixes for many of our customers. Feeds available to you include:


                  Award winning Show feeds for 4-H & FFA local and regional livestock events

                  Stocker/Heifer and Cattle Pellets for beef operations

                  Cattle Preconditioning pellets for specific beef calf needs

                  Excellerated Calf Developer for dairy calves

                  Elite™ Horse feeds


In addition to our own manufactured feeds, a variety of livestock nutritional supplements and other feed brands are available to you. These include QLF liquid feeds, Purina feeds and milk replacers, Sup-R-Lix, Nutrena horse feeds, and Tennessee Farmers Cooperative (TFC) minerals and block products.

Let us discuss a comprehensive animal nutrition program with you to meet your animal's needs!

The following are the services that we offer:


                   Nutritional Services                                    Ration Balancing


                   Bagged Feeds                                              Custom Feed Blending


                   Forage Sample Analysis                              Grain Analysis


The overall operation of the feed mill as well as ingredient sourcing is managed by Daniel Phillips. Daniel has been in the farm supply business for over 25 years and also is a partner in his family's dairy farm operation.

Day-to-Day operations of the feed mill are managed by Bobby Brown. Bobby grew up in Culpeper, VA on a farm. Bobby was also an active member and leader of his local 4-H club. He has over 24 years of experience in feed manufacturing.  He joined Augusta Co-Op in 2009.

Nutritional services are provided by on-staff nutritionist, Allison Miller. She has over 15 years experience in dairy, beef, horse, small ruminant, and swine rations.  Allison raises Boer goats for youth shows and sales.


  Feed Mill Staff  
Name Position Email Phone Extension
Daniel Phillips Director of Feed Mill Operations 227
Bobby Brown Staunton Feed Mill Manager 225
Allison Miller Animal Nutritionist 244



When calling the main Staunton office at (540)885-1265, you may enter the phone extension of the person you wish to reach and you will be directly transferred to that office.

Augusta Co-Op offers specific nutritional services and feed manufacturing services at our feed mill.  Visit our animal nutritional services area for more information on the specialty feed services that we offer.
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